Toys, toys, toys…

Wallets, drawers and cooking pots come across as the biggest smash items to the infants. All sorts of ‘funky’ and ‘spooky’ mass-advertised so-called “the-best-toys-ever” that try to penetrate into the child’s playroom sometimes get green with envy losing their way to these greater hits. The babies love the price tag dangling from a soft toy and the keys. Even a mummy’s old dress might not be spared. If the baby is ambitious enough, anything can be endorsed as a toy.


Certainly, when their birthday or their saint’s day comes, we will buy them all those colorful, able-to-move and sound-eluding items because they wish for them, they desire them and we want to make them happy. However, what gets plentiful also gets mundane with time, becomes too boring to play with, and this prods us to buy new, awesome super-toys, which will perhaps finally provide a “quality” entertainment.

Nonetheless, if the kid is being passively entertained by a TV or a computer, nobody plays with him, nobody enhances his imagination, then perhaps he doesn’t even know what to do with all those awesome toys. In this case, the only manual possible are the advertisements. But these last only a short while and they do not bring too many creative ideas.


The infants’ hits


Do you also recall how you bought a mountain of rattling, rustling and sound-giving toys for your baby only to entertain him later on at a doctor’s with your keys, wallet or advertising flayers? Yes, small children are for many purposes attracted to the totally mundane daily necessary items – the mobil phone, the keys, the toys’ price tags, a wallet,the advertisement flayers,the drawers with laundry, a rubbish bin, the cooking pots, the sticks and the rustling wrappers. Once the infant stage is over, the most attractive items are often those in the hands of other children. Nonetheless, only a few infants would despise a play with cubes or a ball especially if an adult engages in the play too.


The undying construction games


Various types of Lego or other construction or building games never fail to entertain. These games enhance imagination, enforce creativity and improvisation and they support a space visualization. They last for several years and then new complementary pieces of building blocks can be purchased. Actually most toys to which something complementary can be bought or hand-made later on are very “grateful” and the children play with them for several years. New railways can be bought for trains and tunnels can be made too. Dresses and other accessories can be bought or stitched for dolls and stables can be obtained for the little animals.


The fluffy soft toys


A sloppy teddy bear appears in the memories of our childhood for most of us. Why is this so? Soft toys are pleasant, soft, pacifying and they sooth us. They convey a parents’ touch when in a bed at night or on a kindergarten camping trip, they smell of home and feel of tears of sadness or even an anger. Shortly, they share all the good and the bad with the children. You must have one hidden for yourself too, don’t you?



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  1. For my age today, I shouldn’t be into toys, but still I keep on collecting stuffed toys like teddy bears, Looney tunes stuffs and cherubs too. It’s my passion since I was a kid. Luckily my husband is supportive of me.

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