Before a child is born his body is imminently attached to its mother. After birth body is released but the bond stays very strong.


Only in time a crystallization of the mind slowly develops in baby’s body and more obvious perception of self separation from the worlds around it takes place. Just like the soul of the little one, which is almost visible in newborns, would imbed itself into the little body and the little person starts to become aware its own self. This process carries on till adulthood. First major turning point is between 2nd and 3rd year of child’s life where child is able to mark itself as “I”. It doesn’t perceive itself from the outside and doesn’t say any more „Annie wants…” but it says “I want…. Me too…”. The journey to autonomy of own self and to personal freedom it a hurtful process and takes all life.

A big help on this journey is experience in touching since the earliest time possible. Sense of touch helps to recognize the field of child’s body as well as to set the soul fully into it. On the other hand touch is the sense which helps to merge parts (or body parts) with its own. When someone strokes me I’ll feel their hand and also my own body. Self personality and the world is so far one unit. It is so different to other senses such as sight.

Lovingly stroking a child or cuddling it up lays comfort to the child’s body and cosy home to its soul. It is very important on the way of discovery of self identity. If the opposite takes place, such as insensitive or even abusive manipulation of baby’s body, the soul of the little one has a very difficult journey to become happy in its body. This can become evident in adulthood especially in the ability of emotional attachment. An example is when a person is not able to identify with him or herself in certain situation or it can manifest itself in immunity disorders, impairment of self integrity. This person would be prone to infections. Also some research shows that cancer cells are occurring more readily.

How can we help a child to understand its own body by touching? By choosing the right clothing which is a very intensive resource of touch experience. Well processed natural fibers are much more pleasant resource for touching that synthetic fiber. By oiling babies body after bath – important is that your hand and the oil has the right temperature. Pay also attention to the sample of oil not just for its content but also for the feel. It shouldn’t contain mineral paraffin. If child suffers from colic; give it warm massage of the tummy with appropriate vegetable oil. Massage it with warm hand from the belly button in spiral movement clock wise towards the left thigh. When the child starts walking don’t prevent it touching the world around. What can be nicer than helping you making the bread dough? Spreading the butter with its own hand? Using hands to paint with appropriate, edible colors? Jumping in warm summer puddle with bare feet? Investigate the mole heap in the garden by putting its hand down in it?

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  1. Also people who touches the baby must have clean hands. Or clean lips. These usually are being neglected. Think about where your hands at before you touch the baby or kiss the baby. Hand sanitizer is good way to have clean hand. Make sure though that it is not harmful for baby to get touched with. Baby’s skin is very sensitive.

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