Shopping Cart Covers — The Best Baby Item

When I had my daughter I was given so many amazing baby items. I bought even more myself. In fact, I was going through box upon box from the garage for my move and came upon more things than I can possibly even name. Let’s just say that the mommies on my local Freecycle group are all pretty happy now that I gave away quite literally thousands of dollars worth of clothing and baby supplies.

The Best Baby Item Ever
But if you were to ask me to pin down the one item I thought of as my absolute most worthwhile purchase I would have to say it was my shopping cart cover. Yep, a shopping cart cover. It cost me less that $40 to have it made to order by someone I found online and it has lasted through hundreds of washings and two babies now.

Why You Need One
I first realized I needed a reliable way to keep my baby’s environment clean while she was riding in a shopping cart when I looked down as my newly sitting up Gigi and saw her bent over and sucking happily on the shopping cart handle. ICK! Panic ensued. The germs! The filth! The horror! And, of course, issues like MRSA.

I spent a couple of more shopping trips trying to get Gigi to just sit in her carrier within the cart, but she has tasted the freedom of sitting in the cart (not to mention having tasted that handle) and wasn’t having it. There was no way I was going to get any shopping done and actually keep her from sucking on the shopping cart at the same time, so I started looking online for a good shopping cart cover

The Features You Need
There are many styles and varieties. I have fond that many simply cover the part of the cart directly under your child and the bar in front of them. Does your kid sit ramrod straight and not touch anything except for what is directly in front of them? Didn’t think so! You need to find a cover that envelops the entire shopping cart seat, front back, sides, the whole shebang.

Some models are more padded, less padded, have pockets and toy loops. All of that is simply something you will have to choose based on your preference. The only thing I am trying to get into your head right now is that the thing has to offer full coverage.

The model I bought came in an attached storage bag, was very thickly padded, had one toy loop and a couple of pockets I was able to use for coupons and keys, and it was so roomy that it fit over the shopping carts at Sam’s Club and over restaurant highchairs.

My shopping cart cover was the best baby-related purchase I have ever made.

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