Pacifier – Ten Ways How to Get Rid of It

A pacifier sometimes can really do wonders. However sometimes we need a small wonder, how to break the kid of using a pacifier. Here are ten small tricks, that should help you to get rid of „a small but undesirable problem“.


1. Make it tasting bad

As well as when breaking the habit of biting the nails, you can coat it with something unpleasant what a child does not like it can also help with breaking the habit of using a pacifier


2. Give it as a present or „sell it“

If you think a child can not comprehend this procedure, then giving it as a present or swap the pacifier for something else which the child longs for it can be the right trick that can terminate the pacifier addiction.


3. Make „a cold nose“

You are the parent and therefore you have the right to take away the pacifier from the child once and for all- at least theoretically. If you think the best thing for your child and also for your sanity is to say simply one day strong „No“, you have got the full right to that.


4. Take it away gradually

Perhaps all the present people will bear best gradual and sensitive taking away from the pacifier. The first successful step is to reduce using the pacifier only for particular time periods (evening falling asleep) or a place (bed…).


5. The sooner, the better

Small babies and also small children have their powerful means how to protest against their beloved habit, such as for example a pacifier. But when you break the habit sooner, than a child learns to manifest its repulsion in a verbal way or it will negotiate with you, you will save much time and energy, it will be easier for you and also for your child.


 6. Damage it

For many parents it attested itself when they damaged the pacifier in order to it has fully damaged and stopped to be pleasant in child´s mouth. Somebody will pierce it and waits when it tears up, somebody will tear it up right to the handle. Safety note: if you try it, beware, not to damage the pacifier so that it will give off small particles that could choke the child or it would start to suffocate.


7. Give it to the pacifier fairy as a present

The Pacifier fairy is tiny, but powerful and it is the next kin of Tooth fairy. This magical character can help your child to come from the life with a pacifier to a free life without a pacifier. „When my little brother was two years old, we told him, that the Pacifier fairy needs his pacifier for small babies that do not have any pacifier. It worked wonderfully- he liked the idea very much.“ –L. „My daughter was three and a half years old when we played the game with her she gave up the pacifier thanks to this and without any tear. We put all her pacifiers into a bag and told her that the Pacifier fairy will bring her a toy she wishes to have instead of the pacifier. We prepared her for that several months and explained to her that the pacifiers are only for small babies and not for big girls. To our amazement she pushed out the bag with pacifiers herself in front of the entrance door. There was a beautiful toy instead of the bag in the morning, that she chose in advance. She has never mentioned the pacifier again.“


 8. „Lose it“

When you look for furiously a lost pacifier next time again, stop. When it got lost, it is lost. Or you can lose it on purpose. Both possibilities are excellent solution for desperate parents.


9. Read about it

Storytelling and reading of stories is at the same time amazing time for smooching and cheering up child´s love to reading and books. By means of books you can „instigate“ your child towards behaviour you would like to see. It will help him also to learn new things, tackle with changes and various changeovers- as for example the end with the pacifier.


10. Leave it to Nature


Sometimes it is needed to forbid the pacifier out of health reasons:

– Children who do not use the pacifier, they have less problems with ear infections.

– If it seems that your child will have some problems with pronunciation, the pacifier can even worsen them.

– Long- lasting and obstinate using the pacifier can cause problems with teeth and oral cavity.

– On the contrary, some parents think, it is better not to be much involved in anything, and leave it up to a child, when it gives up the pacifier itself.

– Sometimes the child can have a strong need to comfort itself, so that when you take away the pacifier from it, it will find compensation quickly: it will suck its thumb, pull a blanket and suck it or it will find another „honey“ that will suck.

It really works! Child upbringing according to astrological signs in the Zodiac

When you understand character traits of your child, you can save enough time and nerves to your child and to yourself. Do you need some help with upbringing? We asked the stars how to tame your little offsprings. According to astrological signs in the Zodiac!

What applies to your son or your daughter? Against what methods is he or she very sensitive
and what educational practics is absolutely unacceptable for him or her? We were looking for tips according to sun signs. Here they are!

Your baby in Aries Zodiac sign (21.3.-20.4.)

Cheerful, domineering child. It needs to learn how to be good, it understands when you ask it for help, service, competition. It is impetuous, therefore it sometimes can not master some things, console it. It has to sleep a lot, it often overestimates its strengths. Do not sneer at it,it can not deal with derision, its defence is cruelty.

Your baby in Taurus Zodiac sign (21.4.-21.5.)

Unproblematic, playful child. But it is a bullock. Do not push it to the wall, do not make it do anything in any case, neither do not play with it in a sense of teasing. You are going to crash.You will get it out of the state „bullocking“ only with gentle serenity. Command intelligibly, with explanation. For example, instead of „wash your hands“ at other times when it is usual, add why- there are lots of bacillis in the coronas etc.

Your baby in Gemini Zodiac sign (22.5.-21.6)

You have to teach this smart, cheerful child only not to switch from one idea to another and to understand real content what it is saying and learning. Even butting in can be a bad habit, it has to learn to glark. Adapt yourself to its vivacity and teach it to be patient.

Your baby in Cancer Zodiac sign (22.6.-22.7.)

It always loves its parents, it is obedient, it takes seriously all your opinions. Bring it up with love, follow your heart during upbringing so as to your worried, sometimes tearful or moody child would not be sad from time to time in adulthood. Your little cancer will be your support until old age and it will not have to domesticate in its shell for the world.

Your baby in Leo Zodiac sign (23.7.-22.8.)

This shining child will get thanks to its personal charm what it wants, however, it needs moderate and unceasing discipline. Tame its ostentation towards surroundings tactfully, do not serve it, when it becomes extremely lazy. Never humiliate it, apply „sticks and carrots“ approach justly, it needs to tame, but not to break (it would lose its generosity), it will not straighten up, it can even be cruel individualist.

Your baby in Virgo Zodiac sign (23.8.-22-9.)

This child needs sincere praise and order for its development. Arrogance is not imminent,it is shy and self critical. It has personal schedule and needs to have its things at their own place, otherwise it becomes chaotic and it corresponds to its result. Emphasizing its mistakes can lead to illness, lethargy, agression.

Your baby in Libra Zodiac sign (23.9.-23.10.)

Libra makes difficult decisions and hates hurry. Do not try to make your child have its choice, what to do and when, suggest a solution gently and repeatedly to it.Due to its internal need of harmony and justice, it sticks its nose into things that are not related to it, teach them when it is suitable and when not.

Your baby in Scorpio Zodiac sign (24.10.-22.11.)

Respect privacy of your child, but manifest clearly you are the one who dictates the rules. Teach it to bear a defeat, respect towards authority and ability to forgive even those who hurt it. It needs to be able to handle with its ego, not to be overflown with that or on the contrary not to suffer from phobias.

Your baby in Sagittarius Zodiac sign (23.11.-21.12.)

It does not respect authorities too much, insist on your attitude , but explain to it why you want this or that. This child needs urgently a feeling of safety and company at home, your presence in order to learn to live without accidents. It is eternal optimist, dreamer and idealist, it will always try to break down dogmas and formalities.

Your baby in Capricorn Zodiac sign (22.12.-20.1.)

Send your child out as much as possible, in the air and in the sun, even if it prefers to stay at home, it is good for its health more than for others. It takes its achievements for granted, the more it needs to be praised in order not to become an introvert curmudgeon and to be able to praise other people in adulthood.

Your baby in Aquarius Zodiac sign (21.1.-20.2.)

Help your child how to have its ideas in a logical row and that it is important. Make it do some physical activity, sport. It really can do three things at the same time and simultaneously to think about other three things, and this is a gift and also stumbling block. You have to help it organize everything so it will manage to fulfill its duties to the full.Moreover, it cannot cope with untold tension. Are there quarrels at your household on a daily basis? You have to calm them down!

Your baby in Pisces Zodiac sign (21.2.- 20.3.)

If it really wants, it is a master of manoeuvres, so do not give in. Pisces like to get away to the world of dreams. Yes, grant them this world of fairy tales, but insist on your attitude calmly and insistently. The child must not lose contact with reality! And if it retires into its introvert mood, let them in peace, it will echo itself, it is not necessary to be worried about this. And one more important advice- cheer it up, it is not sure about its own abilities.

Look at your child. From fifty centimetres tall person you are looking at one hundred centimetres and more.

Are you proud of it?

And are you proud of yourself?

I am.