Why Having a Baby is Good for your Health

You might not think it’s that obvious, in fact, you might actually think that giving birth surely means the very essence of stress and bad health for your own body. But prepare to be amazed!

Having a baby

Healthy Eating

One of the things that pregnancy instils in you is a bit of self control. Cravings become a challenge that you have to beat – and all mums-to-be know that the health of the baby is imperative. In that way, the mum takes responsibility by learning what the growing baby needs for optimal health, and eating the required foodstuffs. Of course, the odd doughnut or portion of pizza won’t hurt, but unless you keep that urge for unhealthy food under wraps, your baby will not be developing in the healthy conditions it should be. The concept of ‘eating for two’ is completely flawed and should be ignored – eat sensibly, as you would aim to do if you weren’t pregnant.

No more cigarettes and alcohol

Things that are bad for the baby must be immediately stopped, and preferably long before you even try to conceive. Anything you’re doing which is essentially very bad for you will be given up, if you do care about the health of the baby. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol are all obvious things that must be stopped straight away.

Makes you get fit

You’ll find that doctors will encourage you to exercise during your pregnancy. It is easy to gain weight quickly when pregnant, but regular exercise will help you stay fit and also hopefully instil a routine within you to continue afterwards. The extra fitness is also a necessity in order to stay active with your baby as they become mobile. Moving about in order to look after your newborn is bound to be required, unless you get waited on hand and foot. Get yourself moving and things will be much easier after birth.

Enriches your emotional experience

Of course, having a baby is going to have some element of stress – it’s a major event for your soul, life and body. But looking after your baby and seeing them develop is ultimately the most rewarding and enriching experience you will have in life. Your emotional connection with your baby will develop your emotions and help you become a better, wiser person. There is so much fun to be had with your child, so enjoy it and feel the happiness it brings to see your child growing up and discovering the world.

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2 thoughts on “Why Having a Baby is Good for your Health

  1. An interesting point of view, but one that has validity. People, both women and men, often get in the best shape of their lives while preparing to conceive in order to improve their chances of having a baby.

    Babies definitely add health to our lives in the form of love and family connections as well!

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