The benefits of sleeping close to your baby

Having your baby sleep close to you or even co-sleeping can have numerous benefits for both you and your baby. Whilst not everyone will choose to have their baby sleep in the same room as them, it is good to know what benefits may be gained from this bedtime arrangement.

Better Bonding

If you work during the day, co-sleeping can give you and your partner extra time spent with your baby. The closeness and nurturing that occurs during the night helps to create a stronger bond between you and your baby.

Sleeping next to your baby in adjacent beds can help a nursing mother to synchronize her sleep cycle with her baby’s, meaning more quality sleep for both mother and baby, as a gentle reassuring hand can sometimes be enough to calm a baby back to sleep without fully awakening either party.

Peace of Mind

It eliminates a lot of the nighttime separation anxiety that your baby may feel, allowing for a more restful sleep for both you and your baby. Having your baby close to hand allows you to relax more and have a better quality sleep, rather than fretting about how your baby is in another room.

Co-sleeping babies tend to stay awake for much shorter periods of time through the night than those who sleep alone and they may also cry a lot less too. By sleeping close to your baby, you can quickly respond to any coughing or crying during the night, without the worry of whether you will hear them or not.

Co-sleeping babies don’t tend to wake as often as babies who sleep in another room and also tend to go back to sleep quicker. However, some babies can soothe themselves back to sleep much more easily than other babies, so co-sleeping won’t necessarily help your child sleep through the night any quicker.

Easier to Attend to Baby

Some studies suggest that mothers who sleep with their babies will breastfeed more, yet it disrupts the mother’s sleep less. Sleep-sharing mothers also tend to feed for longer periods of time, perhaps because it is less disruptive as they don’t need to leave their beds.

Mothers can easily reach out for their babies who are crying, or are about to cry and comfort or feed them without either mother or baby fully waking up. This is impossible if you need to get out of bed and enter another room, as this will cause both mother and baby to waken fully, making it harder to then return to sleep.

Good Habits

It is suggested that co-sleeping babies are more independent, more confident and more outgoing as children. It’s also suggested that they have better stress management skills and higher self-esteem and are more comfortable with intimacy as adults than people who slept alone as young babies. However, you cannot determine your child’s personality by sleeping arrangements alone.

Sleeping close to your baby will help them develop a healthy attitude toward sleeping. Helping your baby to grow up regarding falling asleep as a pleasant sensation, as well as being a fearless state to remain in, will give your child a lifelong healthy sleep attitude. This is one of the best investments you can make.

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of sleeping close to your baby

  1. The peace of mind and extra sleep a new mother gets by sleeping close to her baby can make the challenges of having a newborn much more easy to handle. There are even many great options of bassinets which are specially designed for that purpose and a lot of literature to support the ideas you’ve expressed in this article.


  2. My job keeps me away from my baby for almost 10 hours a day and sleeping with her gives us close bonding that otherwise would have taken many hours a day. Thanks for sharing such nice tips here. :) baby shower invites

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