Saving Tips for Working Parents

With this fast rapid growing world and increasing prices, it has become important for both the parents to earn. While the mother is working – women, there comes lot of challenges. Parents have to find time for their family, children. A working mother should know how to handle working and home life simultaneously. Taking good care of children and preparing presentation of a company, all becomes very hectic for a single woman. Few parents handle their work and home in a balanced way but majority of then results into dysfunctional family. No worries for them, here are some saving tips for the parents to balance home and work file easily.

Never Hyperventilate

After you are home from office, never think that you are very tired so you are free to neglect house work. If you are a responsible parent you should know your responsibilities. While you leave your office, sit in the car for home – Give you mind rest and sit peacefully for few minutes. Make your mind relax and slowly analyze what work you have to do at home. Clear your mind from office stresses. Make a daily planner; it will help you to balance your office and home life.

No work to Home

Bringing your office work to home, kills your precious time that you could have spent with your family. Bringing work to home, you often neglect your home responsibilities and thus family balance is disturbed. When you bring office work at home, actually you carry lot of worries and frustration with you that is all poured on children. This affects your children’s mind and they become reluctant towards you. Your children wants to spend time with you and you are their parents, so give this relation time and care to grow stronger and healthier.

Planning your meals for maximum saving

Planning your week’s meal is very easy. You need to sit together with your family on Sundays, discuss who wants to eat what and plan accordingly for the whole week. As a parent you should be familiar with one’s likes and dislikes, which is allergic to what. After your planner is discussed, paste it on the refrigerator door. If you have hectic schedule thought out the week, you can shop for the whole week. So that, no extra time is needed for assembling the ingredients at the time of making food. Keep your breakfast simple so that your children can also prepare them. Pancakes, toast, sandwich and cereals are best for breakfast.

First work – then Play

You have make your children understand that they should finish their homework first and then play. You should give them deadline for finishing their homework. It will help your children to be punctual and help them to be responsible. Make them learn to prepare all essentials for next morning.

Help your children to learn work

For happy home, you don’t have to be a supermom; you should make your children to involve in the household work. This will make your children more responsible and they will gradually learn house work, this would certainly help them in future. Make a chart for your children on what they have to do, and ask them to tick the task they have completed. By this your children will learn discipline and be responsible.

Family Time is must. Saving is next

Give time to your family. Decide your time you will spend with your family. That decided time should be only for your family and no external work should interfere in that. This would help to build healthy relationship and stronger bond.


Above were some of the tips to control your office work and save time for your family. As a parent you should understand the importance of family. So balancing both lives with intelligent planner would definitely promise you a happy life.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on home and health. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought underground house. These days she is busy in writing an article on anorexia.

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  2. Good post. Very helpful to parents like me. It’s so hard sometimes that manage your time. Well, this is a good tip. Many of parents would love to read this. Thanks for posting. And I’d love to share this. :)
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  3. Thanks for sharing some tips! I really need this,. As a working mom, i have to attend with my work and my family at the same time. It’s hard to adjust my time. This really help!
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