Baby Feeding


Breastfeeding is – for many reasons – considered the best diet for a baby.     1)      Breast milk is a complete and a natural diet right from birth; it strengthens the immune system of your child. Breast milk contains a combination of protective factors including antibodies and prebiotic oligosaccharides that help protect the child […]

Communication with your unborn

When the mummy feels the first few movements of her baby, a more intensive contact between her and the baby start to develop. At the beginning, she might not yet be sure what this “language” might mean.   The feeling of “having butterflies” in your belly comes from the movement of its little hands. The […]


When a baby drinks, it often swallows some air with it too, although not always. There are two reasons for helping your baby to burp.   Firstly, the baby doesn’t feel comfortable since the trapped air causes crams in its tummy which leads to a glutted feeling. The baby is then annoyed, it cries and […]

Fish Should Be Included in Your Child’s Diet

It’s well known that in coastal countries parents include fish in their child’s diet from an early age, basically as one of the first solid foods introduced at around their sixth of seventh month. Until recently, people were very careful in including fish into a child’s diet, even freshwater fish, which has been a popular […]

Introducing Solid Foods

When a child reaches its first half a year, he is becoming more skillful. He can now openly show what he likes and what he doesn’t like. A child that is breastfed benefits from breast milk and long-term breastfeeding (up to two years or longer) is always recommended.   Starting with solid foods Whether your […]

Babies Fed too Much Salt Nowadays

More than 2/3rds of eight-month-old babies are consuming more the commended UK maximum salt levels because they are given a diet of cows ‘ milk and processed foods. High salt levels can damage developing kidneys, give kids a taste for salt and inspire wrong eating practices that may continue into adultness and lead directly to […]

Special Infant Formula not Prevent Allergies

In spite of pediatric rules suggesting “allergy-friendly” whey-based infant formulas, a new report finds the products don’t ward off allergies in babies at serious risk for sensitivities. Babies with a family history of allergies to foods or environmental antigens who were fed Nestle’s NAN Hypoallergenic whey product after they stopped breastfeeding were just as certain […]

Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer

The Especially for Baby Bottle Warmer does a very good job by helping many mother’s. If you ask any mother that which is the most difficult part in childcare then definitely the answer will be feeding. Feeding was so difficult in olden days. Each time when the baby needs food a very long process of […]

First Years Baby Bottle Warmer

First Years Baby Bottle Warmer. The first years are one of the top most companies that manufacture the baby bottle warmer. The first year’s baby bottle warmer is well known for its quality and life. The baby bottle warmer is able to warm a bottle of milk very quickly. All jars and bottles can be […]

How to Introduce a Feeding Bottle to your Baby

Breast milk is still best for babies even up to 2 years. Thus, it is always advisable that you feed your baby with natural or breast milk. However, not all babies are able to do so; others are just not allowed to feed from their mothers to avoid the sickness which the mother has, or the baby will just refuse in feeding from her.