baby crib bedding
Do you have baby crib bedding in your house?
I think most of parent from middle to higher wealth in economy purchase baby bedding crib for their first baby. With baby bedding crib, they could left their baby inside baby sleep in crib beddingthe crib and could doing another home work if they do not have baby sitter to nurse their baby.

For any parent who already have and parent who decide to buy baby bedding crib soon, please careful for Crib death (SIDS) to your baby safety. Some research in england reported that crib death is come from baby mattresses and another stuff in common baby crib bedding which generate some Toxic gases which come from the fungal activity on Phosphorus and arsenic compounds in that baby mattresses.

Here are some Faqs about Crib death (SIDS) from StopSIDSNow:

What is crib death (SIDS)?

Crib death (SIDS) is the most common cause of infant death in many Western countries. In most cases the baby has been put down to sleep in his or her crib and later found lifeless, with no sign of illness or physical struggle. Crib death can also occur in other situations which parallel “crib situations,” or which are sleeping environments, for example: strollers, carseats, playmats, sofas, and adults’ and children’s beds.

And How You could prevent Crib death (SIDS)?

Here are some baby crib safety tips from expert to prevent Crib Death (SIDS) in your Baby bedding crib:

1. Do not put stuff in your baby crib bedding which could prevent the air circulation in the crib like large baby toys, stuffed animal, large pillow, etc.

2. Make a special check to the crib hardware, make sure that all crib hardware are in a great condition and installed properly.

3. Check your baby crib bedding decoration, make sure that your baby could not climb the crib.

4. Place your baby crib bedding far away from window.

5. Check your room temperature, keep your room temperature cool but not to cool.

6. Do not over when wrapping your baby with his blanket.It could make our baby hard to breath.

7. A study which published in the European Journal of Pediatrics in August 1998 recommend parent to use Sleep sack to the baby, it could reduce the risk of SIDS.

8. Pacifier could reduce almost 90% of the SIDS risk. You could try this.

9. Care with your baby sleep positioning in his baby crib bedding. Study reported that the best sleep positioning for our baby is sleep on their backs or sides not on their Stomach!.
See the Graph result below:

10. Never Smoke near your baby while he slept in her baby crib bedding.

11.And the most popular on preventing baby crib death (SIDS) is using Mattresses-Wrapping. Mattress-wrapping for crib death prevention, which has been published in New Zealand for over twelve (12) years since 1995, reported that applying this mattress on baby crib bedding has had a 100% success rate on reducing the risk of the baby crib death (SIDS).

With those safety baby crib bedding, I hope you could go shopping and choose the best baby bedding crib to your baby without worry about baby crib death (SIDS), because now you have the secret to prevent that risk in your pocket.

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  1. Taking any measures you can to ensure the health of your baby is important at all times. Being well informed and researching the tips you’ve given here as well as other health promoting behaviors is something you, as a concerned parent, can do to ease your mind.

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