Shopping for Newborns

Most probably you would be shopping for the most necessary equipments and clothes now and due to the high expenses you would most likely shop for the rest of it only gradually. Perhaps your friends and family are awaiting the baby too and they will ask you which present would you like the most.


In this case, some information would come in handy to you…

In the first six months, the baby grows very fast and it often gets itself dirty and hence it needs a lot of clothes. The equipment which will be necessary in this period of time will not be needed later on (an infant bathtub, a deep pram, a cradle, a portable bag, an infant car-seat, etc.). In short, if you purchase all these as new, you will spend way too much money.

Beware of the lists of necessary items presented in books about child nurture. Rather, ask your girlfriends who will tell you what is really necessary and practical.


In the first few weeks, the infant spends most of his time sleeping. He will feel the most comfortable in a stretchable overall.


Take note that all the necessary items for the child do not have to be new or be according to the latest fashion. Feel free to borrow some from your friend or purchase some second hand ones for half the price. There are lots of advertisements and there are plenty of second hand shops too. Some of the most basic equipments for the youngest of age (for example the scale) can be rented too.


With regards to the clothes, always choose slightly bigger sizes and get clothes in relation to the child’s size rather than the child’s age. Buy only the soft, comfortable materials which can be washed in the washing machine. Laces can be pretty, but they need to be ironed and are suitable only for ceremonial events. In the upcoming months, you will have plenty of other more important concerns than to iron clothes which wouldn’t have to be ironed otherwise.


Avoid clothing which have to be worn over the head (children usually hate this)

Don’t forget that the baby needs to get its diapers changed often and so try to pick clothes that enables you to remove only the bottom part.

Many times, especially with the first child, we like to please the baby and ourselves by shopping the best, the nicest and the most expensive items. Don’t forget, however, that what the baby enjoys the most is the comfort and safety of the moments you spend together.

Newborns and Human Speech

Even a five-day-old newborns is able to recognize a human speech from the other sounds.


This is evident from the results of the Japanese-French research study team, which investigates brain activity of the youngest children. It seems that this finding will be the beginning of the next research studies about the brain development of a child.


Twelve five-days-old newborns from France have participated in this research conducted by the Japanese and the French scientists from the Advanced research Laboratory and Laboratory de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique.


The scientists used the optical topography method (using the infrared rays) to measure the changes in a blood flow in the brain cortex of the newborns. First, a newspaper article was read to the children and then the same text was played to them again, but this time it was read backwards. The investigators of the study found out that in the first case, the blood flow in the brain cortex was doubled in comparison to the second case (reading backward). In addition to that, it was also shown that already at such a young age, the brain hemispheres are highly specialized. Throughout the experiment, a greater activity was always demonstrated by the left hemisphere which plays an essential role in speech capabilities.


According to the head of the research team, Hideaki Koizumi, the newborns are able to recognize a human speech according to the rhythm and intonation of the voice.