Saving Tips for Working Parents

With this fast rapid growing world and increasing prices, it has become important for both the parents to earn. While the mother is working – women, there comes lot of challenges. Parents have to find time for their family, children. A working mother should know how to handle working and home life simultaneously. Taking good care of children and preparing presentation of a company, all becomes very hectic for a single woman. Few parents handle their work and home in a balanced way but majority of then results into dysfunctional family. No worries for them, here are some saving tips for the parents to balance home and work file easily.

Never Hyperventilate

After you are home from office, never think that you are very tired so you are free to neglect house work. If you are a responsible parent you should know your responsibilities. While you leave your office, sit in the car for home – Give you mind rest and sit peacefully for few minutes. Make your mind relax and slowly analyze what work you have to do at home. Clear your mind from office stresses. Make a daily planner; it will help you to balance your office and home life.

No work to Home

Bringing your office work to home, kills your precious time that you could have spent with your family. Bringing work to home, you often neglect your home responsibilities and thus family balance is disturbed. When you bring office work at home, actually you carry lot of worries and frustration with you that is all poured on children. This affects your children’s mind and they become reluctant towards you. Your children wants to spend time with you and you are their parents, so give this relation time and care to grow stronger and healthier.

Planning your meals for maximum saving

Planning your week’s meal is very easy. You need to sit together with your family on Sundays, discuss who wants to eat what and plan accordingly for the whole week. As a parent you should be familiar with one’s likes and dislikes, which is allergic to what. After your planner is discussed, paste it on the refrigerator door. If you have hectic schedule thought out the week, you can shop for the whole week. So that, no extra time is needed for assembling the ingredients at the time of making food. Keep your breakfast simple so that your children can also prepare them. Pancakes, toast, sandwich and cereals are best for breakfast.

First work – then Play

You have make your children understand that they should finish their homework first and then play. You should give them deadline for finishing their homework. It will help your children to be punctual and help them to be responsible. Make them learn to prepare all essentials for next morning.

Help your children to learn work

For happy home, you don’t have to be a supermom; you should make your children to involve in the household work. This will make your children more responsible and they will gradually learn house work, this would certainly help them in future. Make a chart for your children on what they have to do, and ask them to tick the task they have completed. By this your children will learn discipline and be responsible.

Family Time is must. Saving is next

Give time to your family. Decide your time you will spend with your family. That decided time should be only for your family and no external work should interfere in that. This would help to build healthy relationship and stronger bond.


Above were some of the tips to control your office work and save time for your family. As a parent you should understand the importance of family. So balancing both lives with intelligent planner would definitely promise you a happy life.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on home and health. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought underground house. These days she is busy in writing an article on anorexia.

From Little Baby to Tiny Tot: Making The Transition to Big Kid Room

“Whatcha you doin,’ Mommy?”

I still remember waking up with my two year olds cute little face pressed to mine as she asked that question. Emma had discovered that her super human two year old strength allowed her to climb out of her crib. My heart beat a little faster, and as I gently made her back up, I realized I no longer had a little baby on my hands. I had a big girl who was ready to make some major transitions in her life! That very day we sat down as a family and began talking about turning our nursery into a room better suited to a growing toddler.

Letting Go

One of the most obvious results of having a baby around the house is to turn two good people into complete idiots who probably wouldn’t have been much worse than mere imbeciles without it. ~Georges Courteline, La Philosophie de Georges Courteline

The first thing my husband and I did was talk with our daughter about what it means to be a big kid. In her eyes, it was pretty simple: being a big kid meant sleeping in a big kid bed and playing with big kid toys. While Emma worked on pulling out toys she felt were too babyish, my husband and I began the search online for the perfect bed. We found one at a local store that fit our needs and could be used for many years to come.

I have to admit that putting away the crib was a little difficult for me. It felt like I was closing a door on a part of my life that had been wonderful, but then I realized that there was so much to look forward to. That thought made it easier to pull out the other things we were no longer using like the change table and the rocking chair.

A Fresh Start

I asked my daughter what she wanted to do with her room. She scrunched up her face and thought for a moment before saying, “Me want to be a princess!” Her room was already painted in a soft, pastel pink which lent itself easily to becoming a princess room. With some white chair railing placed on the center of the wall and faux crown molding along the ceiling line, we were on our way. I found a Disney princess mural which added the perfect storybook touch the room and even added a few sparkling stars here and there to complete a magical effect. We found inexpensive pink curtains and a matching lampshade, too. Of course, the thing that got my daughter excited the most was having new princess bed sheets! She couldn’t wait to go to bed that first night.


However, if princess sheets aren’t your child’s thing, consider other themes such as butterflies or even putting up wooden decorative ABCs. Another idea is to paint your child’s name or spell it out on the wall with wooden letters that can be purchased at an art supply store. Does your son or daughter have a favorite movie? Consider using that as a room theme, too. Paint the walls with their favorite character or stencil quotes from the movie on the wall. For a really nice touch, find a lava lamp to serve as a night light.

Creating Play Space

Once the cosmetic touches were complete in the room, it was time to begin thinking about how to best use the space. Toddlers are active and absorb lots of information. I really wanted this new Big Kid room to have certain areas where specific activities were emphasized. With that in mind, my husband created a bookshelf that sat next to a pink bean bag. This served as our reading center. I refurbished a child sized table and chairs, using them in our science/art center. All the blocks, Legos, and other toys were placed in a section of the room where they could be accessed easily, but also stored efficiently.

Enjoying the New Room

Our child fell in love with her new room, and we couldn’t have been happier. Allowing her to share her thoughts and opinions about how the room should look really allowed her to take ownership over the process. It gave her a strong sense of accomplishment and helped us see her for the big kid she was truly becoming.

About the Author

As a freelance writer, Isabelle Lori strives to provide insight for parents in search of information about parenting and children.  Her numerous articles range in topic from where to find a cars muralto the best way to redecorate a child’s room. In addition to that, Ms. Lori offers advice on money saving tips and helps explain confusing topics related to finance.

Why Having a Baby is Good for your Health

You might not think it’s that obvious, in fact, you might actually think that giving birth surely means the very essence of stress and bad health for your own body. But prepare to be amazed!

Having a baby

Healthy Eating

One of the things that pregnancy instils in you is a bit of self control. Cravings become a challenge that you have to beat – and all mums-to-be know that the health of the baby is imperative. In that way, the mum takes responsibility by learning what the growing baby needs for optimal health, and eating the required foodstuffs. Of course, the odd doughnut or portion of pizza won’t hurt, but unless you keep that urge for unhealthy food under wraps, your baby will not be developing in the healthy conditions it should be. The concept of ‘eating for two’ is completely flawed and should be ignored – eat sensibly, as you would aim to do if you weren’t pregnant.

No more cigarettes and alcohol

Things that are bad for the baby must be immediately stopped, and preferably long before you even try to conceive. Anything you’re doing which is essentially very bad for you will be given up, if you do care about the health of the baby. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol are all obvious things that must be stopped straight away.

Makes you get fit

You’ll find that doctors will encourage you to exercise during your pregnancy. It is easy to gain weight quickly when pregnant, but regular exercise will help you stay fit and also hopefully instil a routine within you to continue afterwards. The extra fitness is also a necessity in order to stay active with your baby as they become mobile. Moving about in order to look after your newborn is bound to be required, unless you get waited on hand and foot. Get yourself moving and things will be much easier after birth.

Enriches your emotional experience

Of course, having a baby is going to have some element of stress – it’s a major event for your soul, life and body. But looking after your baby and seeing them develop is ultimately the most rewarding and enriching experience you will have in life. Your emotional connection with your baby will develop your emotions and help you become a better, wiser person. There is so much fun to be had with your child, so enjoy it and feel the happiness it brings to see your child growing up and discovering the world.

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Childhood Obesity: What Can Parents Do To Avoid It?

There’s so much talk of late about the growing problem of obesity. Poor diet and lack of exercise are the key causes of obesity, and this quite often stems from lifestyle. There are all manner of reasons why a person could end up excluding exercise form their daily routines or eat nothing but fatty junk foods.

Busy Schedules Shouldn’t Be an Excuse

Many adults in the modern world live their lives to a tight schedule. Much of their waking day is consumed by working long hours and running daily errands. After a hard day, many people opt for a quick micro-meal rather than slaving over a hot stove. Winding down in front of the television often sounds like a more favourable option than heading to the gym.

This cycle continues and before you know it, you’ve piled on a few pounds and if you continue like this, your health will only deteriorate. This is how many adults become obese, but what about kids? They don’t have hectic schedules and shouldn’t they love running around and playing with friends? It would seem not.

Is Social Change to Blame?

Society is changing at an alarming rate. There have been so many technological advances in recent years, which is perhaps one of the root causes of this rapid social change. Nowadays, kids will often trade in playing out in the park for an evening playing video games, watching TV and surfing the net. If this is what happens all of the time, how are kids supposed to burn off all that energy?

Many of today’s parents come one of the first generations to have experienced this uprising in technology and ready meals, and it would appear that their bad living habits have been passed on to the kids. How can you blame the kids for becoming increasingly unhealthy if the parents are equally as bad? ‘Lead by example’ should always be the parenting rule of thumb.

Not to Dismiss the Fact That Obesity is Often Seen as a Disease

Of course, there are plenty of examples whereby obesity has taken over a child’s life through no fault of their own, or indeed their parents. It is recognised as a genuine illness, and sometimes it is not strictly bad living habits that are to blame. Yet for the vast majority, it is simply down to choice of lifestyle.

As parents, it should be our duty to steer our kids away from an unhealthy lifestyle, not only because of the health threats that will ensue in later life, but also because an active, healthy life is often a happier life. And isn’t that what we want for our kids? Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring. Be inventive with healthy foods. With a bit of thought, you can make vegetables tastier than any fast foods and you should actively encourage your kids to get up and become more active. The list of positive effects this will have on your child’s life is endless.

This was a guest post from Barry Magennis – a devoted parent and husband. Barry loves to share parenting advice through blogging. He is also works to find the ideal candidates for nursery assistant jobs in and around the UK.